About Michael Boatright

Michael Boatright is a multimedia professional, living in Atlanta, Georgia. He has been making photographs for over forty years, learning composition, lighting and darkroom techniques from his father, who was a professional photographer. He began shooting digitally in 1999 and his photographs have appeared on many magazine covers.

Since the early 1990's, Michael has experimented with and developed techniques in digital multimedia storytelling, using [then] emerging IBM audio/video hardware and software and Internet technologies. He lead an effort for IBM to deliver to the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta a real-time touch-screen application that provided live-scoring, split-time, needs-to-medal and biographical information for the 170 Olympic Radio and TV organizations broadcasting the Centennial Olympic Games. Following the Atlanta Olympics, he engineered multimedia applications for Disney's Epcot Center and the World Golf Hall of Fame, the first live scoring website for the Masters Tournament and the launch of the hermitage.ru (State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia) website.

Currently, Michael is a Lead Member of Technical Staff for AT&T on the Uverse (IPTV) initiative. Previously, he worked with the British Broadcasting Corporation, iXL, IBM and was VIK staff with the Atlanta and Lillehammer Olympic Organizing Committees. He holds a BS Information & Computer Science (Cooperative Program) degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Michael is the President of the Southeastern Photographic Society, is a member of the Booth Photography Guild, Roswell Photographic Society and the Decatur Arts Alliance and serves as a speaker and judge for many photography workshops and events.